Dress 3

So I thought I’d work on another all in one pants outfit and conform it into a dress so that I could show you how I did Dress 1.   My daughter decided she needed to pose for this photo!  Kind of funny thought… the girl on the outfit is wearing a dress!!  :o)  Soon the girl WEARING the outfit will too!!  :o)

I then started marked what length I wanted the dress (keeping into account that I would lose half an inch because of hem). You also want to be sure that you will have enough fabric leftover that you can fill in the open spot on the front.  I started snipping and then used what I had already snipped as a guideline for cutting the rest off.  Once that leg was off I laid it on top of the other leg and used it as a pattern so that both legs were cut off exactly the same.

Snip off right above the snaps… snaps do not pop off! And if they would, there would be a big hole.  Then if needed, seam rip off any leftover seam.

Oh no!!!  What did I do.  Looking at it cut into pieces and wondering if it will ever look like I hope it will! Okay Lord, guide my hands!

Now for the back… you want it to be strait down the back. So hold together the part that is extra and snip off.

Sew right sides together so that your back seam is strait. I always surge my seams because I want my  clothing to last.  If you do not have a surger…. PLEASE at least zig zag the edges.  Why put all this work into something just to have it fall apart in the washer?  :o)

Now to take off that beautiful edging from the pants legs. Hmm..  I have an idea for that.. it will have to wait till the end though!

Okay, I laid out the outfit so the front was strait. I took that leftover leg piece and laid it wrong side up under the open area and traced it with my fabric -disappearing ink- marker.

Then I cut around the traced area leaving just enough room for a hem. (I judge most of my hems by the size of my presser foot. That way I don’t have to spend much time pinning plain hems etc.  That’s just my fast way of doing things)

I took the front site of my outfit and front side of my little piece and pinned them together so that they are facing each other. It is a little tricky. Be sure to have the bottom side strait or you will have puckers in your fabric later.

This is what it should look like when it is all pinned!  :o)  Now to sew it. I have to go really slow and keep watching under the fabric to be sure it is flat or it will leave a gathered mark on the front of her dress and I will have to rip that part out and do it again.

Cutting bottom of outfit to be sure it is even. Then surge it.

Quick easy hem on the bottom and then pinned extra trim on it.  Yeah for leftover trim. This is really going to set off the dress!

Thank you Lord it worked!!!! She had to put on her favorite shoes for this pix!

And as you have already guessed… this outfit was given to me too, so no cost.  I probably wouldn’t have worn it on her before I did this because she is potty trained and for those Mom’s who have been through that you know..  snaps just don’t open fast enough!

“But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.” – 2 Corinthians 12:9

Tomorrow I think I will do a different twist on a pair of 9 month jeans!  Lord please bless the work of my hands.


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