Nursing Cover

I needed t make another nursing cover (also called a hooter hider) as a gift for a friend and thought I’d take photos along the way so that I could share it with you.

Supplies Needed:

30 inches of 48” cotton fabric

7 inches of flannel – can match or just be white

16 1/2 inches of nylon boning (purchase at any fabric store)

2 metal D rings  (or you can use 1 vest buckle)

Cut cotton fabric pieces…

28 1/2 x 36 1/2  (cover)

29 x 4    (long strap)

8 x 4      (short strap)

(If you are using the vest belt buckle instead of the D rings then you need to cut the straps 29 x 2 1/2 and 8 x 2 1/2) or they will be too wide)

Cut flannel fabric

7×7  (for wiping purposes in corners of cover)

Someone also suggested using terry cloth wash cloths in the corners instead of flannel. That works great too!  Be creative!

Okay  here we go…

Lay out your fabric (already cut for the cover) so that it is the longest side to side.  We will be pinning the edges on both sides andt he bottom and waiting to do anything to the top until later.  Start at the top of the right side and fold the fabric in 1/2  inch, then flip it on top of itself and pin it. So technically we have used 1 inch of fabric on the side.

When you get near the bottom corner flip it up as shown and then continue to fold in 1/2 inch and then flip on top of itself and pin. This will give you a nice corner edge.  Sometimes you may have to re-pin once or twice until you get it just right. But that is the beauty of pinning!

It should look about like this when you get it right. Continue pinning the rest of the bottom, doing the same thing to the other corner and then finish pinning the left side of the cover.

Fold the 7×7 flannel in half so that it looks like this and little by little slide out the pins and insert the half square under the pinned area so as to finish off the corner.  I usually just lay the half square in corner first so that I can see where it will end up and then un-pin and re-pin.

It should now look like this.

Now put a seam down along the entire hem  (all three sides)  that you have pinned. Remove all pins.

Fold down the top 1 inch and then flip over and pin to create the top seam. (this looks a lot like the sides and bottom  except it is 1 inch instead of 1/2 inch.

Here is the boning. I guesstimate where the center of the top of the fabric is and slide it in under the 1 inch seam that I have just pinned. Because the boning was on a roll it will be slightly bowed as you can see.  Just make sure when you pin it into that top seam that you pin it the direction that you would want it to bow when the Mom is wearing it or the cover won’t be very helpful.  You want the Mom to be able to see down to her child while they are nursing.  DO NOT pin the actual boning. Pin around it.  Now for the straps before we can sew the top seam.

I had a vest buckle and no D rings so I experimented with that for the first time and may even like it better than the D rings!  You do need to cut the fabric at the 2 1/2 instead of 4 inch for the buckle though.

On both the long strap and the short strap you need to do the same thing… flip it right sides together and sew it down the open side.  Then take a safety pin, clip it to the top and feed it back through itself so that you can flip it.

ON THE LONG STRAP ONLY… You will need to finish the one side edge.  I forgot to do this till I was almost done and then didn’t get a picture of it.  You just need to push a little fabric in on the one side and sew it closed so that it has a nice finished edge.

This is what the straps should each look like when you have flipped them. Sew a seam down both sides just so that they have a nice finished look.

We will now be pinning the long and short straps onto the cover.   I will show you in detail how to do that below but  I wanted you to first see WHERE to put them.. They will go on either side of where the boning is. DO NOT PIN THEM OVER TOP THE BONING

SHORT STRAP directions…  if using D rings then slide both D rings onto the short strap, otherwise slide the vest buckle onto the strap.  Then fold it in half and put the unfinished sides into the seam and fold up toward top as shown. Pin it this way.

LONG STRAP directions. … place unfinished side into seam and then flip it up toward top and pin as shown.

Sew a seam along the bottom edge of entire top of cover.  BE CAREFUL … DO NOT SEW THE BONING! There is enough room in there that you can slide it back and forth a little so that you do not sew on it.

Sew entire top side of seam… DO NOT SEW ON TOP OF BONING! Someone once gave me a great idea and that as to sew the edge of the boning into place so that it will not slowly move after many uses.  The only problem that is if you sew on top of the boning it is easily frayed on the inside and slowly breaks apart and begins to come out of the fabric in long skinny plastic pieces that tend to hurt like pins poking you!  So avoid doing ANY stitching on top of the boning.

Now it should look about like this!  You can hardly see where the boning is in this photo because I am looking down at it.  This is a really easy pattern that can be changed around a little here and there and really won’t change the outcome.

My friend using her gift for the first time.  I like how long it is because if it is windy I can tuck the edges into my skirt and still stay decent.

Other great uses:

-hang on front of stroller to keep sun off of baby

-mat to lay baby on

-hang over baby on beach or on sunny day

-blanket or towel (we went to a park and my 2 year old was playing in the water and I needed something to dry her off with)

-cover for my 2 year old when she is using her little potty in the car

I hope this helps!  Let me know if you have any suggestions on alterations of this pattern. I have added a ribbon with velcro to the inside before for a toy holder and also a pocket near the bottom for a pacifier. Takes more time to make though.  This cover normally costs anywhere from $20-$45.  So if you use a coupon for your fabric you could make this for right around $5!

Thought for the day…

The more you fill your mind with scripture, the more wisdom you will gain in your Spirit.  “Behold, thou desirest truth in the inward parts: and in the hidden part thou shalt make me to know wisdom.”  Psalm 51:6


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