Jean Pants be gone!

This one was a long time in the making.  I don’t recommend this for beginner seamstresses. I did work out some of the kinks as I went along, so it should go better for you! Now for the story…

A dear older lady bought this outfit for my older girl when she was a baby.

I loved the shirt…

and the little ruffle on the back pocket…

However I wasn’t too thrilled with how she looked in the outfit… like a little boy!  So I only wore it once on the older one.  Now the younger one fits it and I thought… oh well it’s chilly out today I’ll just put it on her.  No sooner do I leave the house for a walk when someone walking by decided to talk to my baby.  He said how cute my ‘little boy’ was!  I smiled and thanked him but thought… “Okay that’s it, the pants have to go!” But the outfit is so cute.

So I came up with idea…

One leg off. Then use it as a guide to cut off the other one

Pants legs-be gone!

Cut apart crotch section so it is no attached anymore – like a skirt.

Cut off excess material

Seam ripped it open

Iron it open and allow a little extra fabric for front so that it is a little wider… otherwise the back is wider.

Pinned together and sewing a strait line of white stitches

I bought teal thread that matched the stitching on the ruffles of the shirt.  One line of teal stitching up the front. I’m picking about things looking like they belong together.

My two year old found the pants legs and had to try them on!   LOL

Lookin good… now what??!!!


Ripped out one of the white seams

One teal and one white!  Coordination at it’s finest!  :o)

Trim bottom of skirt so that it is even

Yes, you know me….. gotta have that seam finished!!  :o)  I LOVE my serger!

So now I need fabric for the skirt part. I bought a little bit of fabric but it wasn’t worn at all and I really want the worn look to match the pants.  So I found this wrap around skirt that I was considering throwing away because it just never worked well for me.

Bye bye wrap around skirt… hello cute little skirt…. I hope!

I cut it around 4 inches longer than the skirt size and about 5 inches wide.

serged good sides together then sewed one line so that there is no chance that you will see the white serger thread

I double folded the piece and pinned it on both sides.  Here I will save you time…. DO NOT pin up both sides. You can cut it a little less wide because all you have to do is serge the other side. I forgot that you won’t see the other side and spent lots of extra time making it pretty.  Ooops!

Then make a really tight zig-zag on the edge to make it look like the ruffles on the back pocket.

Again… You only have to do this to one side, the other side will be serged.

Now… again…. I made a mistake, I originally put a regular gathering stitch here…. it ripped… you can’t gather this type of jean with regular thread. So… I consulted my husband who suggested I use kite string.  And since we have lots of that I zig-zagged on either side of the kite string and used that to gather.

You want to gather it on TOP of the jeans, not right sides together like normal. Gathering… pinning and then sewing it down with white thread.

Now… cut out another piece like before except make it about 4 inches longer than the other one and about an inch wider.  Do the same things to that tier that you already did to the first tier except this time you do want to put the pretty finish on both sides.

And then again zig zag on either side of that kite string again and use it as your gathering string.

Then gathering it on TOP again.  You kind of just have to judge where to pin it because you can’t really see the under side while you are pinning.  Just look once in a while to be sure your even.

There’s the white thread I used to stitch it down…. again… coordinating!

Now a white hem at the bottom to hold that underside hem firm.



I have make the waistline a little tighter. So it really isn’t this long.  Oh well.. she’ll actually get to wear it longer this way.

And the nice thing about having it full is that she can still be a little lady!

So yes, this was a harder project than expected.  It had lots of things I had to change around as I went.  But you can use this idea for many different pants and use different fabric etc.  Let me know if you have ever tried this and how it went!


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  1. Morgan
    Oct 21, 2010 @ 23:21:32

    Absolutely adorable skirt! Thanks!


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