Noah’s Ark 5th Birthday Party


My daughter is very into Noah’s Ark so when we asked what her birthday cake should be this year she exclaimed “an Ark!”  So we went about looking for an idea for an ark cake.  We were going to make a huge cake, shape it like a boat and put graham crackers all over it. I’m glad we didn’t!  This was so much easier, healthier and cuter!  My husband carved it and added some of their ark animals.  I can’t tell you how hard it was to find a big watermelon this time of year!  I went to every grocery store around and this was the best I could do. I guess $6 isn’t too bad for a watermelon in January!

We used bits of fabric on the table to tie in the rainbow theme.





I went CRAZY with my Mom’s cricut and added animals anywhere I could. Dogs- Hot dogs, Duck-‘Quakers’, Cow-Cheese. We also had chips and macaroni salad.. didn’t have time to get too creative with those.

Drink: Lemon Lime Soda and kool aid ice cubes for some rainbow color.  We only mixed half the amount of water it called for on the kool aid packet and almost half the amount of sugar. As the cubes melted, the sprite was more and more flavored. YUM!




Zebra Cakes


Cauliflower and Dip



Snake – Sour Gummy Worms – a big hit with the kids and adults alike.



Animal cookies



Giraffe necks – twizzlers            Polar Bear – Popcorn



I wanted rainbow hellium balloons but didn’t want to spend much. So I got 1 multi color balloon pack at dollar tree that were missing the purple and then bought the purple at a party store.  I used white thread and tied them together and then taped them to the wall. Then hung ‘raindrops’  thanks to the cricut again with white thread from the archway. On the one side was each letter of her name and the other side, various photos of her.




We also hung raindrops from the other archway.

PD1_8823 PD1_8821 PD1_8822


And a balloon ‘chandelier’ from the ceiling fan.  – Again, white thread tied all of the balloons together.



Then animals down the chair rails!

PD1_8797 PD1_8799 PD1_8801


I was going to use small empty water bottles and let the kids fill them with skittles as ‘rainbow favors’ but as the days drew closer, her cousins got sick and were not going to be attending which took down the amount of children to so little that we decided the candy that we had at the party would suffice.


One happy birthday girl!!!



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