Shabby Chic 1 Year Girl Birthday Party

I did a lot of web searching for ideas for my 1 year old’s birthday party. I wanted simple, but elegant.  Her middle name is Rose, and I love Shabby Chic… PERFECT!!  The cake was SUPER easy to do and cute.  I used baskets from my house for the decor.  I also went to the Christmas Tree shop for the first time that morning and found a wire plate holder for $5 and then purchased the plates for $2 each. The huge glass goblets were a yard sale find for $1 each a couple of years ago and I keep them in the attic for just such occasions. I also purchased the plastic table cover by the yard at JoAnnes so that I could put my quilt under it.

PD2_0640   PD2_0647


Cheese and crackers, little fishies and cupcakes.  I used an antique glass bowl upside down as the cake holder.


I didn’t have a cricut to use for the lettering, so I found a font I wanted online and printed out the letters I needed in the size I needed them in. I then flipped my decorative paper over to the backside and put the printed letter paper on top of it and used a pencil to ‘trace’ the letter.  It left an indent on the pretty paper where I needed to cut it out. Just a word to the wise… if you are tracing on top of the front of your decorative paper, you have to mirror your letter or it will be the wrong way when you cut it and flip it. I used thumb tacks to hang the ribbon on the wall and then clothespins to hang each of her monthly photos from newborn to 1 year.


Two big pots of chicken corn noodle soup and 4 loaves of homemade bread and butter….. YUM!  Then a crock pot with hot dogs for the kids and picky eaters.  Finally a use for my MANY mason jars!  Piece of masking tape on each as a name tag and a punch bowl full of lemonaid.  We bought frozen strawberries and strawberry daiquiri mix and mixed it with a little lemonaid and then froze them in long plastic containers. Then we floated those in the punch bowl to make strawberry lemonaid.





One very tired birthday girl!



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